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A Gentle Rain (SOLD OUT)

A Gentle Rain (SOLD OUT)

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15 min


A Gentle Rain is a cozy tile placement game for 1 or more players that offers a relaxing 15-minute challenge.

A Gentle Rain: Bloom Edition is available in Target starting June 9, 2024.

Click here to be notified when the Classic Edition is back in stock. Estimated restock date is August 2024.

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Always changing, yet always itself.

Step into “A Gentle Rain", a tranquil retreat to a quiet lake that will center your mind. Journey alone or with a fellow wanderer, thoughtfully placing each exquisite tile down… coaxing the eight blossoms to bloom, one by one.

A Gentle Rain is a cozy tile placement game for 1 or more players that offers a relaxing 15-minute challenge. Perfect for a mental reset during a busy day or as a compliment to your transition ritual between quieter and busier moments of your day.

Win? Lose? Take only what you need from this fleeting meditative experience that unfolds within 15 minutes and conveniently tucks away.  



28 Tiles, 8 Tokens, and 1 Rulebook.


  • A mental reset in minutes. The experience is a departure from competitive or high-tension games, and can create some space amid a busy day.

  • Sensory luxury. Soft wood tokens that nestle in perfectly between velvet-soft, thick tiles.  The classic edition features spot-gloss ripples on the backs of the tiles-- an added sensation as you immerse yourself in the dreamy illustrations. 

  • Simple to learn and get into the flow.  Gameplay is simple: draw one, place one. While there's strategy in tile placement, the choices are clear and non-overwhelming.

  • Compact design. A Gentle Rain is a compact game with just 28 tiles and eight wooden tokens, fitting in a box the size of a sugar packet caddy.

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