Kinfire Chronicles Sold Out! Reprint to be available on the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign, with French and German versions available.

Kinfire Chronicles Sold Out! Reprint to be available on the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign, with French and German versions available.

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Hi Everyone,

Today I’m very happy to share several announcements with our community. Thanks to all of you, we have officially sold out of Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall worldwide.

Full Component Shot

This is an enormous feat and we couldn’t have made it without every pledge, review, like, follow, and piece of feedback that you generously gave us. Kinfire Chronicles; Night’s Fall was our very first Kickstarter campaign. We launched it in 2022, a very competitive year for crowdfunded games.

As an independent studio, we were up against a lot. We didn’t have a pre-existing mailing list of 10,000+ backers to reach out to on day 1. And though our team has an incredible background in making games, we didn’t have previous crowdfunding campaigns to show as evidence that you can trust us. We didn’t have the luxury of pre-existing relationships in manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, and conventions… so we had to build those. And we didn’t have the benefit of having marketed & published our own board games before, so we had to ask for help and build those muscles from the ground up.

Ultimately, we were one of 1000s of games, hoping to grab your attention for this game that we believed in. I’m personally very appreciative of the early backers who believed in us, the creators who took a chance on us, and the fans who found and joined us since then.

In celebration, I’m proud to announce that we’re including Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall and Kinfire Delve to our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Kinfire Council. We know that many of you have been trying to get a hold of our games, and– especially outside of the US– it’s been really hard. We read many comments and received countless emails about this.

Furthermore, we’ve received a lot of interest and inquiry from players in French- and German- speaking countries so we’re localizing Kinfire Chronicles & Kinfire Delve in French and German! These versions will be available in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We are localizing these languages “in house” through a partnership with The Geeky Pen. For a sample of the quality, you can view the localized rulebooks for Kinfire Chronicles (DE, FR) and Kinfire Delve (DE, FR). We think they do fantastic work and would welcome any feedback!

You can follow the campaign now on Kickstarter to get reminders when the campaign is live on April 30. Following the campaign directly helps our project get noticed by other backers, content creators, and Kickstarter itself.

Additionally for those interested, we’re offering a $1 early pledge opportunity. This $1 will apply towards a base pledge or higher during the campaign, and you’ll receive a free micro-expansion set ($20 value) for all 5 kinfire games for free*. Additionally, we’ll send you exclusive weekly content and free previews before we share them publicly. These perks are our way of thanking you for your early support.

As a last bit of festivity, our online store is offering all add-ons for Kinfire Chronicles on sale at 50% off. We’re also extending our flat $10 shipping ($20 in Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii). You’ll have until February 26, 2024 to take advantage of these offers.

On behalf of the Incredible Dream team, thank you once again for helping us achieve this important milestone for the studio!

Jane Hoffacker
CEO, Incredible Dream

*Requires base game pledge or higher. All backers will be able to purchase the micro-expansion set for $20 during the campaign and all early preview content will become available publicly.


Will Kinfire Council be available in other languages? We are planning to offer Kinfire Council in English only for this campaign and offer additional languages with future prints (if we’re fortunate enough to have enough interest in the game). We’re a small independent studio, and delivering one high quality game in our native language is tough enough! While we’re not ready yet to execute a multi-language, global launch of a new game, we really appreciate your understanding and patience.

Will Kinfire Chronicles & Kinfire Delve be available in other languages? We’re trying our best to distribute our games globally and it’s taking us a while to find the right partners. For this upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we are only offering German, French, and English. We welcome interest from publishers in other territories and languages for future prints. Please email sales@incredibledream.com.