Late Pledge for Kinfire Council

Explore the latest game in the Kinfire universe. As a member of the Council, you've been charged with rebuilding the great city of Din'Lux and defending it from the dangers of the Starless Nights.

A competitive strategy game of fantasy & politics

2-6 players

90-180 minutes

Ages 14+

Standalone Adventure

No need to own or have played previous Kinfire games.

Get the Early Access offer by April 29, 2024


  • Sign up for early access on or before April 29.

  • Nonrefundable $1 deposit, goes towards your pledge on Kickstarter if you decide to pledge (no obligation.)

  • Receive your free micro-expansion ($20 value) when you pledge at a base pledge level or higher during the Kickstarter campaign.

  • Limit one per pledge order.

  • Other backers will be able to purchase the micro expansion for $20 as an add on during the campaign.


Intended for Kinfire fans, the Micro-expansion pack expands the gameplay of all 5 Kinfire games. It will be available as an add on during the campaign for $20, and includes:

  • One set of brand new cards (Decrees, Threats, and Research) for Kinfire Council
  • One Silver Diamond treasure pack for Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall

  • One Well Master card for Kinfire Delve: Vainglory's Grotto

  • One Well Master card for Kinfire Delve: Scorn's Stockade

  • One Well Master card for Kinfire Delve: Callous' Lab


As an independent studio, we're constantly looking for ways to engage with our fans directly. This not only helps us keep third party fees down, but it helps us make more informed decisions based on our growing understanding of our customers. We think this offer is also great for players:

  • Great perks, great value!

  • Help ensure the game is made well and at a good value. By backing early, you help us plan the campaign and production in scope based on likely demand. This will translate to better cost planning and savings for you.

  • Be a patron of indie games.

Welcome to the Kinfire Series!


Critically-acclaimed, community-backed

See Kinfire Council

A competitive strategy game of fantasy and politics for 2-6 players from designer Kevin Wilson

Note: These are images of our prototype and are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we've received. Submit yours on our BoardGameGeek forums!

What languages will be available?

We are happy to offer Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall and the Kinfire Delve series in English, German, and French with this upcoming campaign. We're working with human localization professionals who love board games.

Kinfire Council will be available in English only for this initial run.

What pledge levels will be available?

We're offering several pledge levels. You can read about them in detail on the Kickstarter campaign page:

Do I need to play or own all Kinfire Games?

My accountant would say yes. But really, each game so far in our library is stand alone and does not require another. Kinfire Council is also a standalone game, that doesn't require knowledge of the Kinfire universe to enjoy.

Further, each of the 3 Kinfire Delve games are standalone but can be mix-and-matched to expand your challenge or increase player count up to 4.