Kinfire Playthrough Episode 4 Recap

Kinfire Playthrough Episode 4 Recap

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On the official Incredible Dream YouTube channel, you can find “Kinfire Playthrough,” a series of six 20-odd-minute videos where well-known internet personalities learn the game with you by playing the first several quests.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, or you want a refresher, here’s what’s been happening on “Kinfire Playthrough”:

Episode 4: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

Episode 4 marks the first adventure of a new party of Seekers:

  • Felicia Day (The Guild, Geek and Sundry).
  • B. Dave Walters (Stranger Things D&D Adventure, Vampire: The Masquerade).
  • Angeless (Twitch Streamer).
  • Brandon Chen (Webcomic Author - Kinfire Chronicles: First Expedition).

They begin where our previous party left off, at the beginning of Quest 3: Desperados.

Dara informs the party of a group of bandits who have been menacing the town for some time (and who likely destroyed the bridge on the road from Din’Lux).

Time for adventure!

Upon setting out in search of these criminals, the party immediately stumbles upon the camp (and corpses) of the last poor fools who tried to hunt down the bandits. Sensing an opportunity to do crimes, Felicia (as Asha the elven rogue) eagerly advocates looting the bodies.

While searching the camp, our heroes trigger a tripwire trap and with it, a skill challenge. Each Seeker must flip over the top five cards of their deck, taking 1 damage for each non-green card revealed. Asha’s presence softens this challenge, so each Seeker must only flip three cards, though the team is too distracted by Felicia’s gold lust to fully avoid the trap.

The Seekers take minor damage from the trap and, as reward/consolation, salvage an unexploded black powder bomb. The party immediately gives it to Felicia, to aid in further crimes. Brandon is frightened.

The face you make when you snap a tripwire and explode the loot

Upon further exploration, the party discovers the abandoned mine where the bandits hide. Due to the massive explosion they caused earlier, the bandits are expecting them. As such, the first chit drawn in the battle is automatically a Darkness chit.

Upon examining the movesets of the bandits, the players find that they really hate the bandit leader Mo’s first ability, which triggers his two companions’ standard attacks as well as his own. A Darkness chit will cause this ability to fire. This, combined with the automatic turn-one Darkness chit caused by the explosion, makes for a… difficult start to this combat encounter.