Kinfire Playthrough Episode 5 Recap

Kinfire Playthrough Episode 5 Recap

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On the official Incredible Dream YouTube channel, you can find “Kinfire Playthrough,” a series of six 20-odd-minute videos where well-known internet personalities learn the game with you by playing the first several quests.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, or you want a refresher, here’s what’s been happening on “Kinfire Playthrough”:

Episode 5: Right in the soft bits: The ballad of Mo’s nuts.

The party immediately agrees that, assuming they survive their first-turn karma as delivered by Mo, Mo himself must be eliminated immediately.

Immediately after Mo’s opening assault, an Asha chit is drawn, and Felicia uses her “Right in the Soft Bits” card to deal some melee damage to Mo and place two “Weak” debuffs on each of his active abilities, reducing his damage output considerably. While it is not explicitly canon, Felicia declares that this is a nut-shot.

"Most vulnerable place"

Valora (Angeless) and Feyn (Walters) both contribute Boost cards to increase the damage of Asha’s attack and thereby establish a community attack on Mo’s nuts. The jokes, once again, begin to write themselves.

Even after Mo is shoved off this mortal coil by Valora, the fighting is fierce. Both Asha and Khor (the tank, played by Brandon) are nearly felled, but in the end it comes down to one remaining bandit, with 10 HP.

Asha pulls out the bomb (that arguably got our heroes into this dire situation) to take him down to 5.

It was all worth it. Probably.

Feyn uses “Mana Strike,” an attack which deals 2 damage, plus one bonus damage for each Ward in play.

Wards are a type of long-term magic which stay in play after being used (whereas most Actions are discarded after use), providing passive benefits to the whole party. Feyn specializes in Wards: his unique ability allows him to keep two in play at a time. Each other character can only maintain one.

Feyn already has two Wards up, and Valora also has one active, increasing the total damage of “Mana Strike” to 5.

And thereby victory is narrowly achieved.