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Kinfire Delve: Playmat (PREORDER)

Kinfire Delve: Playmat (PREORDER)

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The official playmat for Kinfire Delve!

The playmat is designed for the Well Master you will be facing, it contains spots for your well deck, discard, exhausted cards, progress tokens, life counter, and the Well Master and their challenges. 

Constructed of thick 3mm neoprene with stitched edges, this playmat will stand the test of time.

Sized at 12 x 20 inches, this playmat comes rolled.

Note: This item is a preorder and will ship in late August. All orders containing preorder products will be held until the release/arrival of all items in that order.

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Venture through the wells of Atios

Embark on a journey in Kinfire Delve, paired with your own official Kinfire Delve playmat - meticulously designed by enrich your well-delving adventure against the Well Master of your choice. The playmat isn't just an accessory... it's your journey's canvas, featuring dedicated spots for the Well Deck, Challenges, Progress Tokens, and more. 

Measured at 12 x 20 inches, and crafted from premium 3mm neoprene with durable stitched edges, you best believe even the mighty Callous won't degrade the material. Will your adventure be as resilient and withstanding as this official Kinfire Delve playmat?

We would say prepare for your well-delving experience, but you never truly know what you'll come across, so instead I'll wish you good luck and ask you to recollect your journey with us... that is if you make it out alive. 

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Explore the World

The Darkness has returned. It rages like a storm outside the city walls.
Only the kinfire glow of the Great Lighthouse can keep it at bay.

You are Seekers, sworn to protect the city of Din’Lux and to help rebuild the world beyond.
Armed with kinfire lanterns, you’ll brave the Starless Nights, battling the strange creatures that emerge and guarding each others’ backs against the strange forces that would stop you.