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Kinfire Chronicles - Enemy Acrylic Standees

Kinfire Chronicles - Enemy Acrylic Standees

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  • 46 Acrylic Enemy Standees
  • 46 Acrylic Bases (standard)
  • Won't rub off: printed between two pieces of acrylic
  • Get creative: use some of these characters in your next TTRPG campaign!

Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall is getting a reprint and will also be available in German and French! Find out why players love it. The reprint will be included in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for Kinfire Council. You can also deposit $1 today for a free micro-expansion kit. Learn more...

Compatible with Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall.

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Compatible with Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall.

A full set of acrylic standees for every enemy you might face in combat. Replace the cardboard standees from the base game with these beautiful, wear-resistant pieces.

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Explore the World

The Darkness has returned. It rages like a storm outside the city walls.
Only the kinfire glow of the Great Lighthouse can keep it at bay.

You are Seekers, sworn to protect the city of Din’Lux and to help rebuild the world beyond.
Armed with kinfire lanterns, you’ll brave the Starless Nights, battling the strange creatures that emerge and guarding each others’ backs against the strange forces that would stop you.