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Kinfire Council Early Access Signup

Kinfire Council Early Access Signup

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For a $1 deposit, you’ll get several perks including: free micro-expansion for all 5 Kinfire games ($20 value), information and previews about Kinfire Council before anyone else, and extra opportunities to engage with Incredible Dream as the game takes shape.

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A competitive game of strategy and politics for 2-6 players. As a member of the Council, you’ve been charged with rebuilding the great city of Din’Lux and defending it from the dangers of the Starless Nights. Will you be a benevolent leader, working together with your fellow Council members, or will you have your own agenda?
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The Darkness has returned. It rages like a storm outside the city walls.
Only the kinfire glow of the Great Lighthouse can keep it at bay.

You are Seekers, sworn to protect the city of Din’Lux and to help rebuild the world beyond.
Armed with kinfire lanterns, you’ll brave the Starless Nights, battling the strange creatures that emerge and guarding each others’ backs against the strange forces that would stop you.